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Cyber criminals are increasingly targeting small and medium sized enterprises because they are perceived to be more vulnerable. So, don’t be complacent about your security and data protection.

Organisations who fail to protect data putting customers and employees at risk will face hefty penalties.


What's Included?

Security should form the foundation of your GDPR policy and procedures. ESP can assist you with implementing a multi-layered approach enabling you to ensure that your data, application, endpoint, network and cloud security is fully monitored and locked down.


It’s more important than ever to secure your systems to ensure that you don’t suffer data loss, reputation damage or even more seriously, investigation and fines from the Information Commissioner’s Office!

ESP can help to reduce your concerns surrounding GDPR by ensuring your business has the right cyber-security measures in place to not only increase your GDPR compliance measures but also give you a competitive edge.

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ESP employ highly experienced people with problem-solving abilities to enable us to deal quickly with any issue which may arise.

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