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Using hosted services brings you all the benefits of static server-based IT solutions minus maintenance and overhead issues.

Cloud Services –

What's Included?

Our experienced professionals navigate you easily through the process. Which means you can relax and enjoy the greater operational and cost benefits of migrating to cloud services. As servers reach their end of life migrating to cloud services will be a natural progression.

Many customers like to dip their toe into cloud-based services by firstly using data backup and mail servers. Whilst these are the vital foundation for the smooth operation of any business and can help you experience immediate benefits, it’s also worth considering other options in addition to these. ESPNI’s staff have a wealth of in the seamless migration of systems from servers to cloud hosted systems. So seamless in fact that the only difference you’ll notice is an improve and more responsive service.

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ESP employ highly experienced people with problem-solving abilities to enable us to deal quickly with any issue which may arise.

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