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Business IT security is considered to be essential to modern business due to the escalating threat of cyber crime. Our long-standing clients enjoy a range of world-class IT security solutions, specifically tailored to their budgets and designed to meet their business and compliance requirements.

We specialise in providing IT security for businesses in the manufacturing and engineering sectors but we also have clients in the recruitment, property, retail and leisure sectors.

From penetration testing and 24/7 monitoring, through to cloud-based anti-malware, anti-spyware, managed business antivirus, web-content filtering and sophisticated email security, we will provide a secure solution for all elements your business. We also provide businesses with IT security policies that meet both internal and external compliance requirements, using the best technology on the market.

One of the ever-growing concerns for small, medium and large organisations is the threat of data loss or theft from staff and hackers. We have helped companies by assisting with the creation or amendment of IT security policies that help to lock down business data to prevent intellectual property theft.

Our team of highly skilled and qualified engineers provide us with the expertise required to deal with the growing cyber security threats that face businesses.

We will design and tailor a solution that provides the necessary security for your individual business needs, gives you peace of mind, in-depth monthly reporting and meets any compliance requirements you may have.

We Are Different
At ESP we train all of our staff so they are up to date with the latest technology. As IT is such a fast paced industry, we are working with our partners at Microsoft and other major IT companies testing their products before they are released to ensure that we are at the front line of new technology.
Instant Support
What differentiates ESP from any other IT company is the quality with which we deliver our services. We acknowledge that the faster we can get you working the more beneficial it is for your business. We have systems in place to prioritize calls and ensure that items are resolved efficiently.
Professional Service
At ESP we have consultants, engineers and a help desk team that will assist you in any way they can. We will have a specialist trained to your system’s needs. We do not have non-technical account managers or faceless technicians arriving to offer you a service.
Enabling Business Success