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The world of telecommunications and how businesses engage with both their customers and internally is ever evolving. Having a telecoms platform that can keep you one step ahead of the game or for some just in the game is becoming ever more critical. Here are some of the points that we hear on why a business wants to move to a VoIP/hosted telephony solution.

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) allows you to make telephone calls using a broadband internet connection.

It’s flexible, makes savings and is great for businesses where there’s an internet infrastructure in place, where operations are spread over multiple sites or where hot-desking occurs.

It’s also a cheap way to set up communications between staff working remotely and the company’s premises. In Summary, VoIP allows you to make calls from computer to computer, from computer to landline or from computer to mobile..


VoIP is cheaper than traditional services both in calls and fixed charges. Free Calls A misconception is that VoIP means Skype and that everything is free. This is not the case, but you should always benefit from free calls within your business and within providers telecoms network.


Hosted platforms have functionality that previously was either an expensive optional extra or a complicated setup.

Good examples of this are voice mail to email or IVR (Interactive Voice Response) that are now standard features of VoIP/hosted telephony.


Traditional comms providers tied clients into long term fixed costs contracts that didn’t take into account the fluid nature of some businesses. With hosted you can scale up your users when times are busy or seasonal and scale back when you are not.


The time to set-up and have a VoIP solution running can be as little as 24/48 hours. A comparable traditional comms system using either analogue or digital lines can start at delivery within 7-10 days (analogue) and go right up to 60+ days (digital).


If the connection goes down or the building burns down calls can be diverted and answered. With an online management interface we can make changes or divert call with near real-time effect.


VoIP doesn’t care about location. As long as you have an internet connection you should be able to benefit from the advantages of VoIP. This makes VoIP ideal for home/remote/mobile workers. If you have a business with ten people in it based in an office or 10 people scattered across all the continents then VoIP joins you all together as one entity that can collectively benefit.

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At ESP we train all of our staff so they are up to date with the latest technology. As IT is such a fast paced industry, we are working with our partners at Microsoft and other major IT companies testing their products before they are released to ensure that we are at the front line of new technology.
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What differentiates ESP from any other IT company is the quality with which we deliver our services. We acknowledge that the faster we can get you working the more beneficial it is for your business. We have systems in place to prioritize calls and ensure that items are resolved efficiently.
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At ESP we have consultants, engineers and a help desk team that will assist you in any way they can. We will have a specialist trained to your system’s needs. We do not have non-technical account managers or faceless technicians arriving to offer you a service.
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