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ESP cloud services allow you access to hosted applications at any-time, anywhere, simply, quickly and reliably. Our hosted services offer the benefits of using a server-based IT solution but without the overheads and maintenance worries.

Our many years of experience of cloud solutions and infrastructure allow us to guide you through the process so that you can realise the operational and cost benefits of moving servers or services to our cloud services. In most cases, this will be a step by step process as in-house servers come to the end of life.
A popular first step for introducing cloud services is managing data backup and mail servers in a cloud environment. These are both are vitally important the smooth operation of any business and offer advantages moving to a cloud environment.
We’re able to advise on the best ‘blended solution’ to fit your business. We have great experience in migrating systems onto our cloud services, ensuring your move across will be seamless.

Hosted Exchange
Hosted Exchange email gives you high-end communication tools while minimizing your cost and freeing up valuable IT resources. If your Exchange server is getting a bit tired, or you’re thinking of upgrading to the latest version of Exchange then it may be worth looking at Hosted Exchange. It’s quite straight forward, you can still use Outlook and sync your iPhone, Android, Blackberry device to your Outlook Calendars and Contacts.

Hosted Desktop
Hosted Desktop which is also known as Virtual Desktop can offer greater flexibility while reducing costs. Access applications and business data securely, physical servers are replaced with a virtualised server environment that hosts your data, your email and any software applications that you use in the workplace. It allows you to work securely from anywhere in the world at any time, with an Internet connection and an Internet enabled device.

Our SpamSheild service reduces spam, viruses, malware and other email threats by over 99.9%. We provide sophisticated email security for your business without making it complicated. Robust protection for your email infrastructure that is always up to date and evolving to protect your data network.

Cloud Backup
Whether you are a small or large company, a formalised back-up procedure should be an integral part of your overall IT strategy in the event of any disasters that lead to the loss of important company data. ESP Cloud Backup is a method whereby your data backup is stored in a secure offsite data centre, the backup takes place via a synchronization of your data

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) allows you to make telephone calls using a broadband internet connection. It’s flexible, makes savings and is great for businesses where there’s an internet infrastructure in place, where operations are spread over multiple sites or where hot-desking occurs. t’s also a cheap way to set up communications between staff.

WebShield is a cloud based web filtering solution allowing you to monitor, control and protect your users and business when online. Requiring no on premise software or end user client software, set up is extraordinarily simple and quick.
WebShield allows you to create policies to protect your organization from malware, phishing, and viruses, block access to unsuitable material.


We Are Different
At ESP we train all of our staff so they are up to date with the latest technology. As IT is such a fast paced industry, we are working with our partners at Microsoft and other major IT companies testing their products before they are released to ensure that we are at the front line of new technology.
Instant Support
What differentiates ESP from any other IT company is the quality with which we deliver our services. We acknowledge that the faster we can get you working the more beneficial it is for your business. We have systems in place to prioritize calls and ensure that items are resolved efficiently.
Professional Service
At ESP we have consultants, engineers and a help desk team that will assist you in any way they can. We will have a specialist trained to your system’s needs. We do not have non-technical account managers or faceless technicians arriving to offer you a service.
Enabling Business Success